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     We are a Veteran owned and operated business. Faith proudly served in the United States Army, receiving an Honorable Discharge in 2009. Our company was born out of a love for making things and sharing with others. Faith began making soap in 2010 and fell in love with the concept of making her own bath products. She shared her new creations with friends and family as she perfected her recipes. Upon moving to San Antonio, Texas, she decided it was time to share her products with everyone else. Thus, Bubble and Squeak Soapworks was born!


     You may wonder why our soaps and products are so special and here's why. All the soaps and products that are made here have been tested thoroughly. Our family also uses the same recipes that we sell to you, the customer. We are firm in our belief that we won't sell anything that we won't use ourselves.Unlike commercial soaps, our soap still contains naturally occurring glycerin which is removed when commercial soaps are made and used for products. Our products are made in small batches to ensure the quality of each individual bar or bottle. Our soaps are scented with top quality fragrance or essential oils. We only use skin and body safe cosmetic micas, pigments, and dyes




  Help! There is sodium hydroxide (Lye) listed as an ingredient in my soap. Is it safe? Why can’t you make soap without this ingredient?

            Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) is a necessary part of the soap making process. ALL soap is made from lye! The only exception to this is synthetic soap made from synthetic materials and detergents, but I wouldn’t really call it true soap.


Lye interacts with the oils and fats in the recipe, which forms a salt. There are many explanations on the internet about the process of saponification so please check those out. There is NO LYE left in the soap once it is properly set and cured.


Can you make a custom order?

            Yes, we do make custom orders. We will need 30% of the total cost as a down payment and then the rest will need to be paid before the order is shipped. Depending on the type of soap you want to have it can take 4-6 weeks for the soap to properly cure. You will have the option of having the whole loaf sent to you or having it cut into individual bars. We can also shrink wrap each bar individually at an additional charge. If you would like a custom order please contact us using the Contact Us button on the side bar. We can discuss further details for the products.


What is the best way to make the soap last longer?

            Handmade soap needs to be kept as dry as possible when it is not in use. You don’t want to store the soap in the direct spray of the shower because you will be washing the glycerin right down the drain. Handmade soap loves water and it can get very soft if it is kept submerged in water for a long period of time. A well-draining soap dish out of the shower spray is the best way to store the soap.


I didn't get a shipping invoice with my box

             In an effort to keep prices as low as possible, we will not be printing invoices for every order. If the order has multiple items of different varieties then one will be printed off. This excludes wholesale orders. However, if you require one please use the contact button as we will be happy to email you one.



If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please send us a message using the Contact Us button!



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